+ Vaccinations & Spay/Neuter Policy

All dogs staying with us for grooming, daycare or boarding must be current on rabies, distemper, parvo and bordatella vaccinations. Puppies under 6 months of age are exempt from rabies. Please let us know when your dogs vaccines get updated.

Dogs over the age of 6 months are required to be spayed or neutered.

+ Accepted Breeds

We accept all breeds except purebred pit bulls, per the City of Louisville regulations.

+ What & What Not to Bring

  1. Please bring your dog’s food in an airtight container, not a large food bag straight from the store.
  2. Please bring any prescribed medications, along with toys, treats, a favorite blanket, etc.

We will do our best to keep your pup’s possessions clean and in one piece, but there is no guarantee.

+ Non-Holiday Cancellation Policy

The Divine Canine requires 24 hour advance notice of cancellation for a non-holiday boarding reservation. We understand that plans can change unexpectedly, however we reserve the right to apply a cancellation fee equal to our fee for “No Shows” or habitual cancellation of boarding reservations.

+ Holiday Cancellation Policy

The Divine Canine requires additional notice of cancellation during the holiday periods of Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Years, and Boulder County spring break. A deposit of 50% of the scheduled stay is required at the time of booking a holiday reservation. This deposit will be non-refundable.

We know you love bringing your dog everywhere you go, but sometimes that just isn’t possible. Whether for a vacation or a business trip, a busy weekend or a long night out, Divine Canine is here to help with overnight boarding.

When boarding with Divine Canine, you can rest assured that your pup is getting a full day of play with other pups before turning in for the night. We strive to meet the specific needs of your dog and create an environment as comfortable, secure and safe as home.

With boarding, your dog receives:

• Large mason professional kennels (no wire crates or small non-professional closures)
• Comfortable, Kuranda raised dog beds for each dog
• Soft, warm blankets
• Meals served three times daily, in the privacy of their own space
• Daily cleaning, including laundry, dishwashing, and sanitization with a veterinary-quality system.
• All of the benefits of daily daycare
• Any special requests, such as medication, special feeding, special walks, naps, or recuperation

We ask that all dogs attending boarding are dropped off no later than 4pm, so they have a few hours of daycare time before going to bed. This allows them to adjust really well to their new environment. 

All Dogs participating in boarding and daycare at Divine Canine are subject to the terms and conditions of the New Client Service Agreement provided to the client at the trial day.  All daycare clients agree that they have been provided the terms and conditions, have read and understand them, and accept and agree to these conditions when participating in daycare or boarding activities.

My wife and I love Divine Canine, but most importantly our dogs Jack and Sammie love to go there. We weren’t about to trust just anyone to board our dogs – they are our family. So we did our research. We liked the facility and the experienced owner and staff. We can trust that our dogs are very well taken care of and they just love everyone there. We think Divine Canine is top notch.


Your pup’s day begins bright and early with a morning potty break, during which time their den is cleaned and freshened up just in time for the morning meal. 

Next comes a nutritious breakfast, after which your dog is given an hour to let their food settle and digest so they’re ready to play. 

After two hours of playtime with their best friends, your pup goes back to his den for a well-deserved nap. Then it’s back to daycare where, as they play, their den is again cleaned. 

Evening brings dinner time, with another quiet hour for digestion. Then comes another potty break, and a little more playtime before your pup settles in for bed. 

Your furry friend is tucked in to sleep. The lights are dimmed and calming music lulls him to sleep, as he dreams of the fun day he had! 

While at home, dogs typically sleep between 12 and 18 hours a day. Since your pup will be active for most of the day, be aware that when he comes home, he might be extra sleepy!

+ Our Boarding Prices

Standard Boarding:  $40.00

Boarding Suite:  $70.00

Late check out after 3pm:  $20.00


+ add-ons

  • Bedtime Tuck-in (small):  $5.00
  • Bedtime Tuck-in (large):  $7.00
  • Private Playtime:  $35.00
  • 30 Minute Walk:  $35.00
  • Puppy Playdate:  $20.00


  • Boarding Bronze (Small):  $46.00
  • Boarding Bronze (Large):  $48.00
    • Includes bedtime treat/tuck-in and photo
    • No discount for multiple dogs
  • Boarding Silver (Small):  $51.00
  • Boarding Silver (Large):  $53.00
    • Includes bedtime treat/tuck-in, daily Kong and photo
    • No discount for multiple dogs
  • Boarding Gold (Small):  $86.00
  • Boarding Gold (Large):  $88.00
    • Includes bedtime treat/tuck-in, daily Kong, photo, 30 minute daily walk, and bath/nail-trim
    • No discount for multliple dogs