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Canines are one of the most pack-oriented species in the animal kingdom. While your family pack is foremost in your dog’s life, nothing can substitute the happiness and health benefits that come from playing with some fellow pups.

The Divine Canine’s dog daycare is designed to meet the core needs of your dog, needs that we humans, regardless of how much we love them, cannot provide.

Pet parents are also given access to our private webcams, allowing you to make sure your pup is having a fun day of play!

We provide webcam access to all of our clients so that they can check in on their happy pets.

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Included in Dog Daycare

  • Active play-time, bonding and socialization with other temperament-tested dogs
  • Mental stimulation and social development
  • Individual play time with staff trained in all aspects of doggie behavior and social play
  • Continuously supervised and monitored play times
  • Over an acre of inside/outside play yards secured by 6′ solid fencing

Our daycare yards are divided between small/mild-mannered dogs, puppies, older dogs, and large playful dogs. Your dog will be able to excitedly play, or cuddle in our chill-out stations, with its pack of friends.

All dogs participating in boarding and daycare at Divine Canine are subject to the terms and conditions of the New Client Service Agreement provided to the client at the trial day.  All daycare clients agree that they have been provided the terms and conditions, have read and understand them, and accept and agree to these conditions when participating in in daycare or boarding activities.

Daycare Policies


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Cannot be combined with any other offer. Subject to availability. Call for information!

A Day in the Daycare Life

As soon as your pup arrives at The Divine Canine, they join their friends out in the indoor/outdoor play area. Within our 9500 square foot facility, your dog has access to over 11000 square feet of play space including seven play yards. All play is conducted under the watchful, trained eye of our dedicated Pack Members.

Our outside yards are surfaced with special K-9 approved grass to allow for proper cleaning and sanitation. During the hotter weather, your dog can splash around in one of our cool-down kiddie pools.

You can request that your dog receive breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. Meals are served in one of our spacious dens where they will have a full hour to complete their meal and digest before rejoining the Daycare pack.

If you’ve been to our facility, you’ve noticed that dogs in the yard are playful and under controlled supervision. That control requires a specific set of procedures, routines and behaviors. Just like in an actual wolf pack, everyone knows their place, who’s in charge and what is acceptable behavior. By taking the time to build up and carefully separate our daycare pack slowly and methodically, we are able to maintain a safe and controlled environment.

Dog Daycare Prices

  • Single Day: $33.00
  • 5 Day Package: $149.00 (savings of $16.00)
  • 10 Day Package: $292.00 (savings of $38.00)
  • 20 Day Package: $564.00 (savings of $96.00)
  • Half Day: $23.00
  • 5 Half Day Package: $104.00 (savings of $11.00)
  • 10 Half Day Package: $204.00 (savings of $26.00)
  • 20 Half Day Package: $394.00 (savings of $66.00)

Swim Options

  • 30 min Private Swim
  • 30 min Group Swim
  • Monthly Pool Pass


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Cannot be combined with any other offer. Subject to availability. Call for information!

dog swimming

Our Dog Swimming Pool

There is nothing better than swimming with friends at Divine Canine. During the summer and fall months our water loving dogs take an afternoon swim and play fetch in our custom 15′ X 30′ pool.

Designed with dog safety in mind, our pool features a wide doggie ramp for easy entry and exits and rubber decks. Our smaller swimmers and older dogs are fitted with life jackets.

Unlike other facilities, we limit our pool to only five dogs at any time. That way our friends can safely enjoy the pool as well as very special one and one time with our staff.



We LOVE Divine Canine! They take excellent care of my little Pomeranian. We’ve taken her to other doggie day cares and she is returned to us shaking and terrified. This is never the case when we pick her up from Divine Canine. She’s excited to see us, but never terrified nor traumatized. You can call in anytime to check on your pooch, the dog care providers are all very sweet, the pups get play time with other nice dogs their own size on playgrounds, puppy pools and yards. Top notch care for your furry friend!

— Jessica, Divine Canine Customer