Dog of the Month

Dog Of The Month June

Bjorn & Gydda

Bjorn & Gydda! Akitas are one of the most unique dog breeds out there. They are fiercely loyal, unbelievably affectionate, incredibly intelligent and stubborn goofballs all wrapped into one giant furry package. These two started…

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Dog Of The Month May


Charley! If you’ve been in our lobby there is a good chance you’ve met Charley. Spunky little Charley (or Chaz as he is often referred to) always runs circles around the lobby in the morning…

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Dog Of The Month April


Konya! Ms.Konya is Divine Canine royalty. German Shepherds are known for their loyalty, intelligence and protective instincts. This perfectly describes Konya. She has captured the hearts of every Divine Canine staff member but is special…

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Dog of the Month March

Thor & Athena!

This dynamic boxer duo has been coming to Divine Canine off & on for quite a while now. Thor is your typical loyal boxer. He loves to follow staff around the yard and referee when…

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Dog of the month February


Maggie has been part of our Divine Canine family for many years. She may be small but boy does she have a lot to say! Whether she’s coming in or going home you can always…

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Dog of the month January


Congratulations to our first dog of the month of 2019, Xena! We have no idea what Xena is mixed with but whatever she is, WOW is she adorable! Her spunky demeanor and pint sized body…

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