DotM April 2018

Oliver "Smalls"

Oliver Smalls DotM April 2018

Everyone say hello to our very special dog of the month for April, Oliver (Otherwise known as smalls!) Oliver has been coming to Divine Canine for his whole entire life. This furry, spunky Norwich Terrier thinks he is king of the play yard! For such a small dog he has the most enormous personality. Smalls is a staff favorite and brightens up each day with his funny quirks and sweet snuggles. Not a day goes by without this little pup making us laugh!

This is a very special dog of the month because Mr. Smalls is moving across the country and this will be his last week here at Divine Canine. It is true that dogs leave paw prints on our hearts, we will miss you dearly Oliver and look forward to getting updates on your new life!