DotM January 2018

Konya & Poppy

DotM Jan 2018

Everyone who’s anyone knows Miss Konya Begonia, Queen of the Play Yard. Our January Big Dog of the Month is a German Shepherd who never lacks dignity…except maybe when her mom comes to pick her up at the end of the day. Konya REALLY loves her Mom. Miss Konya is definitely a staff favorite, and even has fans among the other dogs- no really! Another shepherd has taken quite a shine to Konya and follows her around the play yard constantly, trying to be just like her. Never change, my friend, never change.

Little Poppy is a sweet face you might see peeking around the corners here at Divine Canine, followed by the pitter patter of small feet and a curly tail giving a little wag. Poppy has been coming to daycare for quite some time and remains sweet and a little shy, making her an instant favorite. Poppy herself has fallen deeply in love with one of our kennel attendants, Luke. She may not love her regular nail trims, but she does love all the extra attention she receives from staff.