December 2017 Dogs of the month! Bjorn, Gydda & Zura

Our friendly akitas, Bjorn and Gydda, have been coming here since they were small enough to pick up and cuddle. Now they are fondly referred to Orca and Polar Bear. These (big) fuzzballs always come in with a sunny disposition and are ready for action the second they get into the play yard. Their “parents” occasionally come in with harrowing stories of their adventures away from day care, so it’s lucky they’re so cute and goofy because it’s hard to stay mad at those faces.



 Lady Zura is a staff favorite because she’s just such a wonderfully calm and loving dog. Zura is fond her her creature comforts: she has very specific tastes in treats, and she loves to nap most of the day away. She has even been known to snuggle with other pups when they are feeling down. Zura is certainly a friendly furry face that we all enjoy seeing around the play yard.

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November 2017 dogs of the month! Tobi & Lucy


Miss Tobi is affectionately known as Toooobi, or Toobular, or Innertooob, Donkey, or…well, you get the picture! This delightful gal started coming here some years ago and started out as quite the little spitfire. With age comes wisdom (sometimes) and now Toobi has matured into a sunshine napping, cuddle loving, chilled out lady that everyone is excited to see walk in the door. Toobi can often be found attempting to nap, actually napping, looking for some to scratch her hindquarters, or getting treats from all of the staff.


Little Lucy

Lucy, also known as Little Lucy, is a staff favorite every time she comes to visit! Her “parents” are kind enough to travel frequently and bring Little Lucy to stay with us. While she’s here Little Lucy can often be seen assisting the Front Desk staff with their daily tasks. She’s a great helper! Little Lucy also enjoys bossing around other pups in the yard and snuggling into her blankets during rest time. Be sure to say hello if you ever see her in the lobby!

October 2017 Dog of the Month Ben!

October 2017 Dog of the Month Ben!

Meet our dog of the month for October- Ben!  Wee Ben started coming to us over seven years ago and has grown up quite a bit since then.  Even though ‘Ben’ is a perfectly nice name for a dog, over the years the staff have affectionately renamed him as ‘Benjammin’ ‘B-Jams’, ‘Be Jammin’ and plenty more.  B-Jams has grown from a curious (and a little bit naughty) pup into a salt-and-pepper gentleman here.  He knows his way around the place and is King of the Play Yard…when he’s not sniffing hopefully at other dog’s food dishes or napping.