May 2018 Dogs of the Month! Joey & Cappi


Vizsla’s are by nature happy go lucky dogs but sweet Cappi is EXTRA happy! In fact she has been nicknamed “Happy Cappi” by staff.  Cappi loves to romp around in the yard with her many furry friends. You can always recognize her by the full body happy wiggle she does when she sees you. Cappi has been a daycare regular here at Divine Canine for quite some time now and we can always count on her to get the party started!



If this were yearbook superlatives Joey would win best dressed hands down.  Dapper Joey is always dressed to impress and impress he does! To stay warm Joey can often be seen in a fashionable sweater/coat combo laying in the sun. In the yard Joey enjoys playing with other tiny friends as well as getting UNLIMITED snuggles from staff. If anyone is having an off day just one snuggle from Joey is most definitely a cure. He may be small but his enormous heart has captivated us all!

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