June 2018 dogs of the month! Benson & Winnie!

These very special dogs of the month were the winners of our pet appreciation week facebook contest! Congrats! 



Benson has become a familiar face around here at Divine Canine, and not only because of his uniquely shaggy coat, but also because of his boundless energy and great attitude! That curly fur and those pretty colors are because he is a mix of Bernese mountain dog and poodle mix. Right from Day one Benson was ready to join the pack and wrestle with the best of em in the play yard. He is often just a furry blur in the middle of a big dog pack!



Winnie started coming to daycare when she was just a tiny scrappy puppy. Along with her big brother Oliver (also a Cavalier King Charles) she loves to tear around the yard at top speed and greet everyone along the way. She’s a bit more mature now, but as a pup we had to take special care when watching her because her favorite thing in the world was to see what unusual objects she could try to swallow! We have loved watching Winnie grow up and she is a wonderful member of our “Littles” pack.