Dog Grooming


At Divine Canine, our professional groomer provides services for all breeds and can address all your furry friend's needs. Professional grooming keeps your pup happy and healthy, and you can always count on our expert groomer to provide exceptional care using high-quality products.

Our groomer will work with you to not just meet but exceed your expectations. Whether your pet needs a simple bath and haircut, or they require additional services, such as nail trimming, teeth brushing, or ear cleaning, we do it all!

Our grooming hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Please call, email or book online to get your pup looking tip-top!

Dog getting a bath

We are proud to offer exit baths from daycare and boarding, as well as standalone grooming appointments!


Our Quick Bath option includes a bath, dry, and light brush.


  • Face, feet, and fanny trim
  • bath, dry, & brush out
  • eye and ear cleaning
  • nail trim, anal gland, & sanitary trim


  • Our complete grooming option includes:
  • Everything in the Basic Groom,
  • Breed pattern or custom request hair cut

Meet Tiffany!

With three years of grooming under her belt, Tiffany’s passion for her work is undeniable. Her lifetime experience of being a dog lover and owner is clear with the way she spoils all her furry guests. Every groom begins with a detailed consultation so she can better serve your pet’s needs and put your mind at ease. Tiffany loves building new relationships with clients and their fur babies. She enjoys doing all variations of grooms but especially enjoys creative requests! Want your pup to have braids, or a Mohawk? No problem! Our staff loves watching our divinely groomed clients prance away from their spa day with dainty bows or a fancy necktie.

When she is not working, Tiffany is out enjoying life with her adorable daughter who aspires to be a groomer one day! She also spends time being the best doggie mom to her two fur babies: Achilles the Maltese and Evie the Chinese Crested. She loves all things outdoors with a special place in her heart for hiking in the beautiful Colorado outdoors.

Call to schedule with Tiffany today, she will have your pup looking DIVINE in no time!

Groomer Tiffany



We’ve got a full-time experienced groomer for all your pet’s pampering needs. Call today to schedule an appointment!



You can really tell how much they love dogs, they were patient and understanding with our pup from the start! We were taking our dog to Petsmart for grooming until they told us they couldn’t groom her because she kept trying to nip at them....she is terrified of the razor! The nice girl who groomed her at The Divine Canine didn’t think that would be a problem at all, and after going a year without a professional grooming, she came away looking and smelling so nice!

— W.F., Divine Canine Customer


Try Our Convenient Pet Taxi Service

Schedules can get hectic. Let Divine Canine transportation take one more thing off your plate. We can safely and conveniently transport your pet to and from their fun getaway starting at only $10 per dog*! Call us today for more details.

*$10 each way + $5 per additional dog. Must be within a 10-mile radius. Available by appointment only Monday – Friday with 48 hours’ notice. No extra-large breeds.

Dog driving a car in sunglasses
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